Budding Author Bundle

Budding Author Bundle

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
- Maya Angelo

I put together this journaling bundle together because there is indeed, a story within all of us. My own book is being proofread as we speak and so gosh, I sure I know how tough it is to get started.

Indeed, there is that part of our brain that sabotages all our good intentions. It's part of our flight and fight response and in truth, it's simply trying to protect us from the unknown. This wee bundle comprises of a mini book of witty and positive quotes, uplifting statements to combat the sabotage of self-doubt and a scrumptious, 6 x8 lined gorgeous turquoise journal. The bundle is dedicated to the sole purpose of writing your book and noting on the go your thoughts, ideas and streams of consciousness. No editing, just let it flow. This is where the best bits come from when you're not giving it too much thought.

Are you ready to write that book? Great, let's go.